Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are amongst the best barriers to sound and water possible. They are an important defence for anyone who cannot under any circumstances have water enter the ear. By moulding to material to the very unique shape of our ear plug they form a consistent barrier across the surface of the skin.

Creating a plug that will match this shape is a very complex task and usually only done by medical professionals, usually in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department. This ensures no damage is done when producing the mould. This mould, usually of silicon will go right down into the ear canal and sensitive tissues above the ear drum itself. With the shape of the ear in silicone the custom ear plug can be made at a laboratory. This effort does cost however and it is not unusual to find them requiring $60 to $100 in the US.

The most common use is when a child needs an ear tube put in and the risk of water and infection getting in is high. However, because of their effectiveness you will find that many professionals will consider their use. The importance of the ear to the professional musician when on the road has made this a useful product to protect them against harmful noise pollution. The … at the shooting gallery may have problems with their normal ear plugs and require something stronger to remove the gunshot noise.

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